Since the founding of our company by my father in 1980, Canited International Industries Corporation has been more than successful at introducing various products into new foreign markets. From our first endeavor, marketing licensed television programming on video cassettes from Asia in Canada, to our continuing partnership with Nissan Reishi since 1984, we have been first-movers in the market.

Through the years we have been expanding and diversifying our product line, but in recent years we have decided to focus our resources and attention on our core business — superior health food products. Aside from our better known Nissan Reishi product, we have recently added Oceanbright Super DHA 100 and Nuclear Gold to our product line as well.

With the general public becoming more educated on the connection between their health and diet, we have been seeing a constant growth in the number of natural health products on the market. Our goal is to continue working with the best companies in the industry to provide the public with only the highest-quality goods.

Michael Wong
Managing Director