Nissan Reishi
Over 30 years ago, dedicated Nissan scientists developed a 100% natural health product, NISSAN REISHI®, which is still considered today as the first and best Red Reishi extract product available worldwide.

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2019. 12
Nissan Reishi Christmas special bundles are now available!

Canada: Purchase a Nissan Reishi 3-Box bundle and get one complimentary box of Mitsuwa Collagen Pure (60 sachets, valued at $99) and one pack of Nissan Reishi red pocket. Limited quantities, while supplies last. Shop Now

2019. 08
"Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd." was officially renamed "Nissan Chemical Corporation" in July 2018. There will be minor adjustments on the Nissan Reishi packaging box for all future production after March 2019. Please rest assure that there are no changes to the product itself. Learn More

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News update: Nissan Reishi - Quality and safety measures and update after 311