Nissan Reishi

For over 2000 years, red Reishi has been recognized in Japan and China as the Number One herb in the “Superior Medicine” category. Regarded as nature’s rarest herb, it was only available to emperors and the elite in the past.

NISSAN guarantees that each box contains at least 6,600mg of pure Red Reishi Essence extracted from 94.3g of their highest quality, naturally cultivated Red Reishi.

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  • Important update

    The mailing address for the Nissan Redemption Program has been updated. Please mail the required quantity of green labels and the completed redemption form to the following new address. E-mail and WhatsApp submission methods will remain unchanged.

    Canited International Industries Corporation
    PO Box 97208, Richmond PO Main, BC, Canada V6X 8H3

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Nissan Reishi Spring TVC (in Cantonese)