< Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku)> ,
a System of Healing Heart, Brain and Body,
Based on the < Johon> (Highest Quality) as well as
< Chuhon> (Medium Quality Foods) Closer to the
Highest Quality Originated in Shinnohonzokyo
(Medical Herbs Pharmacopeia) Including
Staq-horunshaped Reishi (Ganoderma), etc.

Shigeno Tekkan Clinic
Tekkan Shigeno

< Health>

"In the ancient times, those who understood the rationales of healthy life knew an astronomical, calendar lessons, harmonizing to the seasonal temperament of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and also realized the limit in eating and drinking, making a rule in getting up and going to bed, and did not unnecessarily exhort themselves physically as well as mentally, and thus they could live a harmonized life in body and mind in an appropriate balance. Therefore, they could all live up to 100 years old. This was in the era of Emperor Shinno in BC 3000."

"He who can be honourable in his profession as physician pays his due attention to the changing seasons of a year, having due regard to the wind directions specific to each local area and to the quality of water in such area, and has a knowledge on local endemic diseases. In addition, he pays a careful attention to the daily food and dietary life of the inhabitants. In one word, he is the man who takes a good care of everything that may cause illness. Hippocrates, BC459-350."

Health is to activate and maintain the power of life, if a man lives a life in accordance with the laws of Nature. Namely, health is given by controlling the life in such a way as making daily life style to conform to the laws of Nature, which vitalizes the five, complex systems in life, i.e., "immunological system", "hormonal system","nervous system","vascular system" and "metabolic system" which constitute the power of life, and thus adaptability is increased, responding in a most appropriate manner to various challenges arising from living environment. In such a way, a living status in harmony and balance can be maintained.

< Healing Power by Mighty Nature and Modern Life>

Healing power by Mighty Nature, when a man is nestled in the breast of Mighty Nature, is bestowed by the combined power of Mighty Nature and human life. The healing system is also realized by aggressively combining the things natural that hides the healing power of Mighty Nature and the power of human life through a controlling process of conforming the daily dietary habits to the laws of Nature. At the occasion of the 22nd Japan Cancer Congress held in 1963, I published a paper on "Study on Anti-Cancer Drugs of OE Substance (a complex Yeast preparation), with an aim to solve the problems of side effects caused by anticancer drugs, in which I have spent 30 years of research on systematizing functional foods which have been clinically applied. on such my career trajectory as a clinician, I was more than happy in having shared with the people who were forced to live in urban areas the pleasure of healing the illness, which could be embodied by controlling and conforming the daily life style to the laws of Nature, while actively ingesting the natural foods containing the hidden power of healing by Mighty Nature, thus making it possible to link the natural foods with such power of life as "immunological system", "andocrine system", "nervous system", "vascular system" and "metabolic system" for producing a healing power.

In other words, a man should have a control so as to conform his daily dietary dietary life style to the methods of Nature, while adopting an (active dietary method) which actively ingest into body such a series of highly refined food < gohn> having a special quality, including Reishi (ganoderma) and others described in the Shinnohonzokyo (Shinno Herbal Pharmacopeia) having a special quality such as, likened to the heavens nursing and fostering all nature < responding Heaven> 1) having a feature of causing no side effects < no human damage>2) even though eaten in an excessive amount < big eating> 3), and eaten for a long period < long-time ingestion>4), and such a series of systematized food of < Chuhon> (medium quality), being closer to the highest one Johon, as the "dynamic foods" and "functional Shinno food complexes" which contain the healing power of Mighty Nature. Thus, the healing power of Mighty Nature and the power of life of a human being is joined in vitalizing 100% all the functions of such as < promote physiological function> 5) to "endcrine system", "metabolic system", < be resistant to the cause of a diseases> 6) to "immunological system", < fullfil the mental state> 7) to "nervous system", < eliminate excessive lipids> 8) to"vascular system".

Furthermore by vitalizing these systems, the step level 1 and the step level VI of consciousness and physiology will be dissolved, and, when a job is done intensively under control in Phase II , or when such an unstable status arises as an unexpected situation occurring, and so on, the consciousness level will be changed to Phase III, the Power of maintaining health in adaptation to changes will be bestowed.

As above described, by executing a control so as to conform the daily dietary life to the laws of Nature, when it is combined with the < active dietary method> , "all the functions" of The five complex systems of life will be vitalized, to be able to reach a "world of new order with one rank higher position to considerably increase adaptability, to respond to such various Challenges coming from the environment toward the modern people as viruses, bacteria, environmental pollution, damage from chemicals and medicines, etc. in a most, appropriate way. By reaching a status of harmony and balance, and maintaining a healthy mind and body to protect the body from the life-style diseases, the < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku) > as a preventive medicine for the modern people will be established.

The "dynamic foods" and the "functional Shinno food complexes" which are used in the active dietary method have been produced in a most efficient unit of quantities and combinations of stag-horn shaped Reishi (Ganoderma), plus the highest quality ingredients and medium quality ingredients, but closer to the highest, according to the Shinno Herbal pharmacopeia, and such ingredients and combinations have been determined based on our clinical studies, and these functional food complexes have been produced by Shigeno Constitutional Medical Laboratory. (Process Patent on processed food selected from several kinds of the various variety of plant ingredients described in the Shinno Herbal Pharmacopeia, Official Patent Gazett No. Showa 61-029707, Tekkan Shigeno), (Dynamic Foods, Active Dietary Method, All Functional Complex Medicine, Rokureisen (Trademark), Tekkan Shigeno), (Patent Pending for Functional Shinno Food Complexes and < Rokureisen> Functional Shinno Complexes, Tekkan Shigeno). < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku)> as a System of Healing for Heart, Brain and Body.

Under control of conforming the daily dietary life to the laws of Nature, in the active dietary method using < Functional Shinno Food Complexes> and < Dynamics Foods> , and, in addition, when a pyramidal structure joining < Chinese Medicine> to < Modern Medicine> forms a stage for treatment, < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku)> is established, as a healing system for heart, brain and body. < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku)> is able to reduce the side effects of various drugs such as anti-cancer drugs, interferone, steroid hormones, etc. by "vitalizing the five systems of life, namely, immunological system, endocrine system, nervous system, vascular system and metabolic system which are the complex systems of living body, and at the same time, to produce a synergistic effect of such various drugs, thus enhancing the healing capability and ensuring a significant improvement in the healing rate of various diseases.

Notes : 1· 2· 3· 4· 5· 6· 7· 8· , are special quality of "gohon", such as Reishi (ganoderma), Panax, Coix lachryme-jofi, sesamum indicum, Zizyphus jujuba, Astragalus menbranaceus, Dioscorea batatas, Ostrea giges, Cassia tora, Polygonatum officinalle, Chrysanthemum morifolium, and other many materials.

Outline of Clinical Results of < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku)>
-Outline of Clinical Application against Tumors

Cases before Surgery

By use of the < active dietary method> taken before surgery for neuroblastoma, brain tumor, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, duodenal sarcoma, scirrhus gastric cancer, lung cancer, sarcoma, etc., reduction in size and disappearance of tumors was obtained. Furthermore, postoperational recovery was good, and also reduced side effects of anti-cancer drugs administered after surgery and of radiation therapy, including such effect as reduction of metastasis, and the cases of complete recovery were seen in many cases. It has been found that the preperational administration is the most effective.

Cases of Tumors without Metastasis

For treatment cases of neuroblastoma, brain tumors, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gastric cancers, hepatic cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, sarcoma, esophageal cancer, fetal cancer, carcinoma of the gallbladder, cancer of uterus, etc., reduction of side effects caused by irradiation or anti-cancer drugs, early recovery after operation, reduction of sequela, etc. were observed, and clinical symptoms in all cases showed improvement, and grolongsation of life as well as many cases of complete recovery were observed.

Cases of Tumor Metastasis

Even in the primary seats and the metastasis cases to 1-4 sites, significant of sense of fatigue, anorexia, depressed mood, reduction of body weight, etc. in addition to relief of pain, and improvement of cachexia, were obtained. Furthermore, reduction of side effects due to surgery and radiation therapy and due to the administered anti-cancer drugs were obtained. Dramatic recovery which often surprised the physicians in charge was observed, and many clinical cases related to the efficacy of life prolongation and the healing effect were experienced.

-Specially Designated Diseases -

In the cases of the specially designated diseases (periarteritis nodosa, dermatomyositis, rheumatism, nephrotic syndrome, nephritis, ulcerative colitis, Behcet’s disease, primary biliary cirrhosis, etc.), reduction of side effects caused by steroid hormone preparations and synergistic actions, as well as withdrawal of steroid hormone, the cases of complete recovery in succession and other noteworthy results were obtained.

-Various Diseases -

In addition to the significant effect obtained for Type-C hepatitis, Type-B hepatitis, diabetes, gastric and dudenal ulcer, etc., a significant effect against functional sterility among sterility was observed, and a certain degree of effectiveness against such female illness as climacteric disturbance, liver cirrhosis, chronic nephritis, hypertension, heart disease, atopic skin inflammation, such allergic diseases as bronchial asthma, etc. were observed.

< Concept of Complex Medicine Zenkisei lgaku>

Under control of conforming the daily life style to the laws of Nature, while joining the active dietary method in "dynamic foods" and "functional Shinno food complexes" which are a systematized foods such as stag-horn shaped Reishi (ganoderma) and other (highest quality) < Johon> and (medium quality) < Chuhon> but closer to the highest ones, foods described in the Shinnohonzokyo (Shinno Herbal Pharmacopeia), and furthermore, on a stage of a Phyramidal structure consisting of "Chinese Medicine" and "Modern Medicine", then five networks of the life systems, namely the "Complex system of life" and "all functions of complex system of life" are activated by the functional characteristic of the < active dietary method> using the natural products containing the healing power of Mighty Nature, which makes it possible to establish the < Complex Medicine (Zeiikisel lgaku)> providing the "healing power.".

In 1995, I thought about the concept of < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei Igaku)> and in 1997 an opportunity prompted me to make an extensive literature review when I came to Know that Dr. Kunihiko Hashida Former Professor of School of Medicine, Department of Physiology, Tokyo University who also served the post of Minister of Education, advocated the concept of all complex functions of ecology in 1936. It seemed that Dr. Hashida gave a thought to the concept of < Zenki> (All Functions) in "Shobo Genzo". On the other hand, as a clinician, I have gradually become strongly conscious of All Functions of the existence of' a human being and the continuity of life and death, in which my thought has also similarly taken account of < Zenki> of "Shobo Genzo". However, in my case, based on the pharmacological book called Shinnohonzokyo (Shinnno Herbal Pharmacopeia) that had served as an original text for medicinal food in Zen and Tao, my thoughts has not only been confined to the concept alone, but also has been put into clinical application of "Dynamic Foods and Functional Shinno Food Complex", having naturally a synchronism with the concept of "Shobo Genzoll which has been developed into the < Complex Medicine (Zenkisei lgaku)> , with a mind of < Zenki> , and I am more than happy in successfully having embodied a healing system of heart, brain and body.

< Complex Medicine (Zenkisei Igaku) >

The past holistic medicine is based on the holism, in which the element reductions of Mechanism since Newton is unable to understand life phenomenon. According to the concept of holism seen in Organicism by Smuut, Meyer, Morgan and White-head, in contrast to Mechanism since Newton, insisted that the element reductionism could not be established in understanding all of the life phenomenon, although the life phenomenon would be subjected to Physical and chemical laws in the fundamental phases.

The concept of this Holism is < simplified like> , < causalitic like> . < mosaic structural like> and < static like> . From 1950 to 1970, the Holism had been taken over by a new Complex Model related to the various Characteristics of Universe and Creature. Namely, the concept of Complex Model seen in the evolutionary ethics of Wodinton, the ecology of mind of Baltoson, Entropy Economy of George Esque, Dispersion Structure of Bricogin, Self Creation of Matoulana=Valera, Franctal of Mandelbrot, Hyper-Cycle of Eigen, Lizom of Doulouz=Gatarl, etc. is a < super system of Complex System> , < Contigency and Necessity> , < Dynamism> , < All Functional> , < dynamic> , < process structural> , < Relationism> , and is by nature < Taoic> , < Zen-related> , and is essentially different from the concept of Holism. Therefore, < Complex Medicine ((Zenkisei Igaku)> responding to the concept of < Complex Model> differs from the Holistic Medicine depending upon the Holism.

Tekkan Shigeno

M. D. Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in 1932

Graduated from School of Medicine, Hokkaido University, also graduated from post-graduate Course of the said University. Received doctorate for the study on "Hormonal Influence on Antibody Synthesis", during the course of research on "Tumors, Hormones and Enzymes". After having served as Assistant Staff of the said University Hospital and as Lecturer of a clinic, opened his own Clinic Tekkan Shigeno in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where National Health Insurance is not accepted, in 1967 and then moved his Clinic to Omotesando, Tokyo. Established the laboratory attached to the Clinic to manufacture functional foods for the purpose of clinical application in 1967, which has then been developed into the Shigeno Constitution Medical Laboratory in 1977.

Paid attention to the problem of side effects of antl~cancer drugs, etc. when studied at the Post Graduate Course, School of' Medicine, Hokkaido University, and determined to solve the problem. published "Study on Anti-Cancer Effect of OE Substance (Complex Yeast preparation)" at the 22nd Japan Cancer Congess in 1963. During the course of his trajectory of research in functionality of foods, and, furthermore, groping for a new medicine causing no side effects, started 30 years ago to play a pioneering role in the field of combination of Occidental Medicine and Oriental Medicine and in the full-scale clinical application of functional foods. Established (Complex Medicine ( Zenkisei Igaku)) which is a healing system for heart, brain and body, as a result of joining (Active Dietary Method), to the (Chinese Medicine) and (Modern Medicine), in which the control of conforming the daily life style to the laws of Nature, is obtained, based on the traditional, Japanese food (active dietary mothod) using functional food complexes produced from the

systematized foods consisting of the highest quality ingredients (gohon) and the medium quality (chuhon), but closer to the highest, ingredients in accordance with Shinnohonzokyo (Shinno Herbal Pharmacopeia) that regards the functionnality of foods important. By combining these two kinds of the foods, all the functions in the five complex systems of (immunological system), (endocrine system), (nervous system)) , ( vasclar system) and (metabolic system) are vitalized.

The clinical application of ( Complex Medicine (Zenkisei Igaku)) has been shown to dramatically improve the healing rates of various cancers, specially designataed diseases and other diseases. One part of his clinical data accumulated for the past 30 years was published, under the title of "Effect of Complex Medicine ( ZENKISEI IGAKU, Based on Shinno honzokyo by Means of Food Dynamics Method ) to Woman's" Diseases" at the Nutrition and Metabolism Research Meeting of Japan Obsterics & Gynecology Congress held on August 21, 1997. The concept of ( Complex Medicine ( Zenkisei lgaku ) ), combined whith the excellent results of treatment for various illnesses has given a significant impact upon the medical world, and has thus started to open a new perspective in the modern medicine. Tetsuhiro Shigeno, M. D. is Director of the Tekkan Shigeno Clinic and Director of the Tekkan Shigeno Constitution Medical Research Laboratory. He is Also a proponent of the World Heaith Food Congress. He is the author of many books such as "Hepatic Diseases are constantly improving better" (publiahed by Sakai Bunka Co., Ltd). "Heaith Maintaining Method by Eating Different Foods which are otherwise believed to cause 111 Effect." (Chobun Co., Ltd.), and has been frequently an invited lecturer in TV shows, and radio programs. He has been also contributing various articles in many monthly magazines, health magazines, etc. to explain about the importance of food intake and life style for prevention of life style diseases and for treatment of various diseases.